DAT leads the era of tire safety systematization

Dynamic Armor Technology (DAT) is an innovative technology of Cooper tires based on its 100 years of tire R&D and manufacturing experience, which is designed to meet the driving and riding needs of vehicle owners and cope with the complex road conditions in China. The tire contains a number of patented technologies of Cooper, which dynamically protect the tire from complex road conditions and unknown factors from the inside to the outside. Adhering to the sincerity of a century, Cooper is leading the era of tire safety systematization with DAT. No better safety has been provided before.

  • HIIR tire pressure stabilizing inner liner

    HIIR is the best air tight material for tubeless tire widely used in modern car tires. Ultra-thick HIIR inner liner used for Cooper tires ensures normal tire pressure, prevents ply separation and irregular tire wear, thus fully demonstrating the tire performance.

  • S.N.O.W

    Based on the patented S.N.O.W (Spiral-wound Nylon Overwrap), Cooper balances the centrifugal force generated at high speed to improve the stability of the tire. Spiral winding has a smaller joint compared with the traditional zero winding for the tire, ensuring smoother and safer running of tires at high speed.

  • 360° rim side armor

    The rim side armor protection technology is widely adopted in Cooper tires to cope with complex road conditions, to protect the rim from scratch in driving.
  • High performance silica compound tread

    High performance silica compound tread effectively increases the wet grip, improves road grip of tires in winter, and effectively reduces the rolling resistance.